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I have a client that has a site in coldfusion and I needed to fix their URL’s so they are search engine friendly. I don’t have access to the server so I needed a coldfusion solution. What I wanted was to make it so there were no ?, &, or = signs in the URL and convert them to /’s. I also wanted to 301 redirect the old URL’s to the new URL’s. Here is what I came up with

<cfset urlstring = cgi.path_info>
<cfloop from="1" to=#ListLen(urlstring,"/")# index="i">
<cfif i mod 2>
<cfset paramName = "URL." & ListGetAt(urlstring,i,"/")>
<cfparam name="#paramName#" default="#ListGetAt(urlstring,i,"/")#">

<cfif cgi.QUERY_STRING contains "=">
<cfset moveUrl = #rereplace (cgi.QUERY_STRING,"[=?&]","/","ALL")#>
<cfset newUrl = #cgi.path_info# & "/" & #moveUrl#>
<cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved permanently">
<cfheader name="Location" value="#newUrl#">

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About a month ago I needed to do some work on a site where I needed to change a lot of code on every page. I set up IIS on my machine and copied the site to it. I then set up Dreamweaver so that I would work on the site locally. When I opened Dreamweaver I had all the files for my site listed on the left side. I found that when I did a search and replace in Dreamweaver I had the option to do it to the entire current site. That was real cool and I was using for some simple things. I got to a point where I needed to switch out some tags with tags. I like to use normal HTML whenever I can especially header elements.

The problem was that I need to find a string but leave the stuff inside the tags alone. Dreamweaver allows the use of regular expressions. I know very little about regular expressions so I was looking everywhere on how to do this. I finally found one document online that told me how. I can’t remember what that was but here is what I learned. I use (.+) in the search and $1 in the replace. If I want to find <span class=”HeaderL1″>My Heading</span> with <h1>My Header</h1> I search for <span class=”HeaderL1″>(.+)</span> and put <h1>$1</h1> in the replace field. I then tell it to search and replace the entire site. Make sure to have “use regular expressions” checked.

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I did a post the other day about how Digg allows you to get past the adult filter on youtube. Somebody submitted it to Digg. I did not get very many diggs but I noticed that I was starting to get traffic from the digg search. If you know some good keywords all you have to do is submit your site to digg and it will show up in their search. Just keep doing that to keep yourself at the top.


I was doing some looking around at the data centers and started noticing 2 different algos.


I am getting a third one from www.google.com. It looks a lot like it has for the past week.


I was looking at the Digg video section today and decided to click on the play button next to one of the videos. I watched a little bit of it and for some reason the pause button did not work. I then closed it and tried to click on the video title to go to the Youtube page. Youtube wanted me to log in because it was NSFW. It looks like Digg somehow gets past this. I tried it logged off of Digg just in case that was the deal. I could still watch the video on Digg.

Here is the digg link.

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Reciprocal Website Reviews

I new website called Review Back has launched that allows people to swap reviews. They are releasing it into Beta today. It is designed to be an alternative to ReviewMe and other Pay Per post sites. I think it is a good idea. Just make sure you trade links with people in the same area you are in. It does not have to be a competitor. It can be a site that offers something in the same area but a different vertical than you do.

By the way this is not a traded review. I just did this on my own.

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Google Local Results now showing small cities

I have done some local SEO work in the past and keep tabs on terms that I did work on in the past. I have noticed that Google is returning a lot more local results than it used to. The big thing that I noticed is that they are now showing up for small city searches. I expect them to show them for Houston Dentist but this is the first time I have seen them show up for Friendswood dentist. I asked some people in other states and they see the same thing so they are not just showing it to the Houston searchers. Friendswood is a very small town of 34,000. It really is a suburb of Houston.


My Google snippet is being hijacked

I think somebody is 302 hijacking my site or some new way of hijacking.

I was doing a search in Google to check how my site is doing in the supplemental index to day and ran into some strange Google behavior. The first thing that got my attention was that all of a sudden I went from 7 pages in supplemental index to 17. I then noticed that I have several results that have a snippet that is not on any pages of my site.

David Ogletree – Web Site Marketing Blog. How to be successful at search engine optimization. KeywordDiscovery.com Keyword Research Tool …

I then realize this is some text that was on my site back in march. I was very confused. How can Google be putting very old text in my snippet? I thought maybe it was just something weird when you do a site: search. I did a search for “ogletree KeywordDiscovery.com” and got the weird snippet again. I then went to yahoo to do a search. I did a search for “David Ogletree – Web Site Marketing Blog” (with quiotes). This is when it got interesting. The 2nd result from www.fashionoptic.lk has the same title and description my site had back in early march. I click on the link and none of that stuff was on his site. I clicked on the cache and it was very different. It was an exact copy of my site. This does not happen in Google by the way.

My question is how are they doing this? Why can I see it in Yahoo and not Google and how is this site affecting my snippet?

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I was doing some research last night and came upon a search result that brought up a press release


Press Release in Google search results

I had never seen this before. I guess press releases have got a lot more important to search.

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The organic team and the Adwords team at Google seem to be going in different directions. The Adwords side of the company seems to understand that the Internet has become a new advertising media like TV or Radio. Providing a service for free so that they can sell ads. Google is becoming the largest ad seller on the Internet. It is so bad MS is claiming Google has a monopoly now because of the purchase of DoubleClick. The organic team on the other side provides the reason Google can sell so many ads. They are trying very hard to make sure they provide the results people are searching for.

Matt Cutts has recently made a big deal about the buying and selling links. Google has designed an algorithm to rank sites for free based on links. What Matt is trying to do is stop a dam from breaking by sticking his finger in it. Compare this to TV. What if I could do something that would get me free ad placement on American Idol or CSI. Don’t you think everybody would be trying to do it? Google keeps saying we should just make good content and everything will just work out. At some point the Google results will match the sponsored results. You can buy your way to the top of organic results.

Google is not only expecting us to just sit back and hope we rank. They have also recently made it more expensive to advertise. How do they expect people to sit by and do nothing to get a free listing when they keep raising the cost to advertise? It seems the goal at Google is to make money on every click on the Internet. Will the organic results disappear one day?

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