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Google is way on top for search traffic

I was reading a poll at Webmasterworld and saw the numbers from Hitwise and they both show Google way ahead of yahoo in search traffic. I thought Yahoo was a lot closer to Google. If you are not a member at Webmasterworld the thread is a list of search traffic from member sites. They are all quite heavy on the Google side. Most of them have 80% plus of their traffic from Google and Yahoo in the teens. Hitwise says Google has Google at 47% and Yahoo at 16%.

I don’t know why people keep saying Google is in competition with MS or Yahoo. They are clearly not it is not even close. Especially with Yahoo’s new Web 2.0 look. They moved the search box toward the top above where most people look at a web page. They obviously don’t care that much about search. No one will ever compete with Google if they put their search box in a non-prominate place. Google sends all of its front page traffic to search. MSN and Yahoo send their traffic off in a zillion other directions. I’m amazed people even find the search box. People use Yahoo mail and hot mail and play Yahoo games and check yahoo stocks and then type www.google.com into their browser when they want to find something.

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