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Google does not have a double standard

I read that Jeremy Zawodny and many others consider Google to have a double standard. It is not the same when Google is the default search on a tiny percentage of computer and MS can make it the default on over 80% of computers. You can’t compare the 2. Google is complaining about a company that has been declared a monopoly doing things that monopolies are not allowed to do. When you are a monopoly you are not allowed to do the same things others are. It is fair for Google to do what they are doing because they are not a monopoly. It is very unfair for a huge monopoly to do the same thing because they have already won. It is not fair for a company who has won the game to make sure the other players lose even worse.

All that said I think Google has nothing to worry about. It will be funny when everybody changes that box to Google or does not even use it. MS might increase their market share a little bit but people have it in their mind G is better. I remember when Google and Yahoo used the same index. People would tell me G was better. Search companies need to know most people don’t care about search as much as the do the actual site. Until Yahoo and MSN learn that people want their search box to be on a clean non-cluttered page they will never beat Google. People go to MSN and Yahoo and say, “oh this is portal” and move on to a site that just does search. That is why everybody thinks of Google first when it comes to search. MS and Y will never beat then. I don’t think MS or Google will ever make that change because they make too much money on that clutter.

Another reason is Google has made it into pop culture. That is almost impossible to beat. Have you ever seen a TV show say they need to yahoo something or MSN something. No they Google something. Some might say that Google is a monopoly. That is not true they are winning but they do not control over 80% of search or even 50% for that matter.

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