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Oblivion: ATI x700 pro

Find the ati x700 pro on ebay

Well I got a new computer so I thought I would get a new game to play on it. I bought Oblivion because I heard it was the latest greatest thing out now. I did not research on my video card I just bought one in my price range at Fry’s. That was very stupid. I also ordered Oblivion and did not pay the extra $1 to get it shipped faster. It took 8 days to get here my friend who paid the $1 got his in 3 days.

The game took a little getting used to. The last game I played was World of Warcraft and I played that a lot for 5 months. So it took a little to get used to a new UI. I still like the wow ui better.

I have read that my card should work with the game as a mid range card. It works and the game is very playable. I just can’t stand to have so many settings off or turned down. If you just want to play this game this card will work fine you just won’t have all the fancy graphics. I am looking at getting the ATI RADEON X850 XT Platinum Ed. Looks like I can get it at www.ebay.com for the same price I paid for my ATI x700. It is considered to be a high-end card by several reviews I have seen. For the budget I want to spend it seems like the most bang for the buck. I will post how it turns out when I get it.

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