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How to use the OR operator to search Google

I do a lot of searching on Google to find different things and I have been trying to figure out some advance features to no avail.  I just found a way to do what I was looking for.  I have been trying to find ways to use several different intitle and inurl searches in one search.

Lets say you want to find the word resume and you want results where those terms are in the URL and in the title.

intitle:resume  inurl:resume

Now you can add specifics to that

(intitle:resume  inurl:resume) css php

You add the () to group the intitle and inurl stuff. You may also want to add negitives like -asp

You can keep adding things until you get a good number of results.  Mainly less than 1000.  You can also
use the OR statement like:

intitle:resume  OR inurl:resume

This gives results if resume is in the url or title.

intitle:resumes  OR inurl:resumes OR intitle:resume  OR inurl:resume

This gives results if resume or resumes is in them.

So to make a more complex search you can add “” for words together and the – to remove results with a word you can also use the negative -term or -“some term”
Everybody may already know this but for some reason I just found out how to use intitle and inurl in the same search using the () so I can add more terms found on the page as well.

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