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SES New York

I was only at SES for one full day. I flew in Tue and left Thur. I had a good time though. I met lots of people I had not seen before but have been chatting with for quite some time. Especially fold from the Webmasterradio Chat room. I had a few beers when I first got there with Shandyking (Adam), Shoemoney (Jeremy), and NevDull. That night I met up with a bunch others and witnessed a tremendous amount of drinking. I was doing shots with Rae and some others at one point. I saw Justin Sanger (www.locallaunch.com) and Jake Baillie (www.truelocal.com) going at it about local search. It was friendly for the most part. Jake kept bugging one of Justin’s employees to come work for him. Jake really likes to kid. It was quite amusing to see 2 competitors like that talk. For some reason the song “Sweet Caroline” was quite popular that night. It was real nice to see everybody. I look forward to the next conference I go to.

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