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Google page creator review with screenshots – googlepages

Google has produced yet another free service called the web page creator. that requires you to have a gmail account and another way to show adwords ads. There are no ads yet but the TOS for the Google web page creator says they will put them on. It is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and the pages you create go on http://gmail_acct_name.googlepages.com/. Google seem to be trying to emulate other free hosting services but with a page creator. This is nothing new.

Google gives you 100 MB of storage. There are 41 themes or “looks” as they call them. There is a control panel where you can create new pages or select the pages you have made already to edit. It is called “Page Manager”. The page creator will let you create links and does not put link condoms on them. There is not a way that I can find to edit the raw html. It will let you edit html for sections but not the whole page. It seems the main heading is what goes into the title tag with your gmail user name before it.
It lets you do simple things like bold, italics, underline, change font, font size, font color. It will let you add headings. It will also let you add images. I added one of my wife and I. I started to get several 404’s after I added a small image. It is on the front page of digg so they might be hammering it right now. It is running quite slow.
It is very simple right now but does what it says. It creates pages. I have not seen any ppc ads on it yet but I’m sure they plan to add those in the future. It must be a beta because it is quite buggy. It does not support Safari or Opera. If you try to put adsense on the page the WYSIWYG will mess up the code. It also will not let you put in flash. As far as I can tell there is no bandwidth limit.

Google page creator screenshots:

Page Manager

Page Creater

CSS code Google puts on all pages:
— — — — — — —
Browser Fixes
— — — — — — —

This file uses CSS filtering methods to fix various
layout bugs.

Each of the following three imported files is a
separate, browser-specific CSS file that keeps all
hacks out of the main style sheet.

Over time, as supporting these browsers no longer
remains a priority, cleaning up the hacks is as
easy as deleting the @import statement below, or
simply no longer linking this file from the HTML.


fix ie6 “peekaboo bug” using the “holly hack”.
Note, this style only gets applied to ie6
* html .wrapper {
height: 0.1%;

….. a bit later”

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  • Rhapsody April 9, 2006, 10:22 am

    There’s is Bandwidth Limit!