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Big Daddy Data Centers on the move (bigdaddy)

Big Daddy Data Centers (bigdaddy)

I found 4 more data centers that have converted to big daddy.,,,

I was just looking at the Big Daddy Data center at and noticed that there are some big changes from the last time I looked at it. I am also seeing the same results at,,,,,,, There are several other data centers that had the Big Daddy results but I am not seeing them as of now. I will make a new post if I see it showing up at more data centers. Also from what I have read there are 2 differnt types of Big Daddy data centers. One set called reseller’s DCs. (, I have no idea what they call it this.
One sad thing is I see a site that redirects using a java script that is hidden from bots ranking very well.
If you don’t know what “Big Daddy” is go here.


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