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The Google Certification Program has been replaced by Google Partners

A lot of people are going to lose their company certifications.  I had to take another test because the reporting test is no longer offered even though I took it only 11 months ago.

Here is the email I got.

Google AdWords | Certification Program
Join Google Partners today
Partners combines AdWords certification with new tools for agencies
The Google Certification Program has been replaced by a new and improved experience for agencies and online marketing professionals—Google Partners. Inspired by your feedback, Partners includes improvements that make it easier and more meaningful to get certified in Google advertising solutions like AdWords.
How this affects certified professionals
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  • Access to your GCP account is no longer available.
  • Your GCP exam history and AdWords certification status will transfer to Partners when you join using your GCP login.
  • You now need a Google Partners account to take exams and get certified.
  • Taking exams and getting certified is now free. (previously $50 USD per exam)
  • All exams passed and certifications earned through GCP are not affected and will remain valid through their original expiration dates whether you join Partners or not.
Learn about transferring your AdWords certification to Partners
How this affects Google Certified Partner companies
  • A Google Partners account is now required to manage your company’s profile on Google Partner Search. You can manage both your individual certifications and company profile using the same Partners account.
  • Your company must now qualify for the new Google Partner badge to be listed on Google Partner Search.
  • Former Google Certified Partner companies will not automatically qualify for the new Partner badge. Certified Partners who don’t qualify for the new badge have been removed from Google Partner Search.
  • Google has retired the old ‘AdWords Certified Partner’ badge. Usage of this badge for promotional or other purposes is now prohibited.
Learn about adding your company to Partners
Joining Partners is easy. Simply sign up using your GCP login, ogletree@gmail.com, and we’ll automatically import your certification history.
Join Google Partners
If you have any questions about the change from GCP to Google Partners, visit ourHelp Center or contact us.
See you online,
The Google Partners Team

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