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ClockingIT: A Great Project Management Tool for Small Businesses

Managing projects for multiple clients often requires dependent tasks and strict deadlines. To keep track of the “who does what by when” details, it is helpful to have a project management tool to insure you are achieving milestones while not getting stressed out!

SEO Fox needed a solution to manage and organize our projects and tasks in order for us to efficiently fulfill our client obligations. After previous experience with BasecampHQ, Zoho, and Central Desktop (and even demoing a few more), we found a free (donations welcome) hosted project management tool called ClockingIT to help us fulfill our client and sanity needs!

I have found setting up a project in ClockingIT is easy. The interface is intuitive and every user’s dashboard is customizable so users can rename titles and add or subtract widgets to make the dashboard information relevant to the specific user. Admins (configurable) are able to assign projects to clients and task to users and schedule the time allotted to both while seeing a live “timeline” feed of task completions (there is also a GANNT chart display for the PM nerds in a few of us).

A couple tools I really find helpful are the task timer and the very versatile report feature. The timer allows you to easily clock the time it took to do a task (and it can also be a pop-out window) and document any notes you might want other teammates to be aware of. Using the timer tied with the different reports you can run truly makes calculating project metrics upon project completion easy.

Having a hosted solution (one less thing to worry about) was one of our requirements in a project management solution, but ClockingIT also has a local version for organizations that have a strong network administrator who knows a bit about Ruby. For more information on getting the source code or joining the ClockingIT development community, visit their source wiki and join their github project.

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