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Using Google Trends in Excel to compare years

I was messing around in Google trends yesterday trying to find out how it matched my analytics data. In Raven tools I like to compare this year and last year to see how well I’m doing. I have it set to only show organic traffic from all search engines. I prefer the Raven interface to GA over Google’s.

I had two browser windows open going back and forth trying to see the difference. I was thinking it sure would be cool if I could get this Google Trends data in one place. I did some searches and discovered that if you log into your Google account you can download the Google Trends data. I downloaded the CSV from 2009 and 2010 for the main keyword for a client. I copied the data from 2010 to the 2009 spreadsheet. I deleted the percentage cols and the extra stuff on top and bottom. Since I was comparing 2009 to 2010 I deleted the weeks from 2010 that have not happened yet and the corresponding weeks from 2009. This left me with 4 cols. I changed the heading for the numbers to the year plus AD like 2009 AD because excel did not like just a number there.

I’m not an excel expert. If you really know excel you can really get fancy with this but this worked for my needs and it was fast. Then I click on the insert tab and clicked on Line and picked the first line graph. It made exactly what I wanted.

2007 Excel File
97-2003 Excel File

Google Trends in Excel
* Bottom numbers are week numbers so this shows the first 25 weeks of 2009 and 2010.

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