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Using Competitor Backlink Research to Beat Your Competition

Some SEO’s have been doing competitor backlink research for a long time some people are just now discovering it and most have never heard of it.

Competitor link research is when you study your competitor’s backlinks as part of your link building efforts. There are quite a few different ways to acquire links using this practice. The possibilities are endless. The best place to find links are places that are already linking.

  • When you find pages that link to several of your competitors there is a good chance they will link to you too.
  • Get a list of blogs and forums that link to your competitors that don’t have nofollow. Make sure to leave good comments and post good threads. Don’t just say “great site” and spam links with anchor text. It is best to do comments or posts that don’t have links at first. Contribute to the site so they don’t mind your links later. Read the forum rules to find out if you have to make a certain
    number of posts before you can use links. Some forums moderate the first 4 or so posts you make.
  • Study the types of content websites link to and create that type of content. You can get them to link to your site as well or you can convince them that your content is better than the one they are linking to and they might replace your competitors link with yours.
  • When looking through your competitors links you might find that sites link to pages that no longer exist. You can create a page that reflects what was linked to and then inform the site owner of the broken link and let them know they can link to your page instead.
  • Get a list of sites that used to link to you or your competitor and try to get a link on those sites. If they used to link they might link again. Find out what the site used to link to and improve the content then show the owner why they should link to it again.
  • Find directories that link to your competitors to get your site in.
  • Study your own backlinks to find sites that link to you with URL’s or junk anchor text like “click here” or “articles”. Contact them to try to get that changed to a keyword.
  • Find wiki’s that link to your competitors and don’t use nofollow . Try to get added to that page or create your own page on that wiki with a link to your site.
  • Find run of sites links to your competitors. This might be blogrolls or sometimes paid links. Try to get the link for free. This is not about the right and wrong of buying links just ideas if you want to use them.

While you are doing all this research you might find types of sites that link to your subject area you did not know about. Any time you’re surfing the web you should be looking for new ideas to attract links.

My new backlink reports at SEO Fox can facilitate this type of link building. In the past it took a long time to get a lot of this information. My new service speeds things up so you can get links faster.

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  • Emma May 15, 2010, 4:40 am

    Good approach, do what your competitors do and add a little extra is never wrong, especially since the number of sites that are an authority in a certain niche are sometimes pretty limited. Trying to invent the wheel once again often isn’t a good idea.

  • Gwendolyn May 19, 2010, 8:48 pm

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