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Google Adwords showing Electrician ads for Doctor search

Adwords Result that shows Electrician ads for Doctor search2

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I did a search for “Houston Electrician” earlier in the day without being logged in. Later on I did a search for “Houston Doctor”. This is when I got this result. I’m pretty sure the electricians are not advertising for “Houston Doctor”. I opend IE and logged out of Google and did the same search and did not get those results. I went back to Firefox did the same search and still got the electricians. I then searched for “houston doctor” several times in IE and never got the electricians. I then did a search for “houston electrician” and then did a search for “houston doctor” and got the electrician ads this time.

Google has decided that because I searched for electricians earlier that I should see some more electrician ads. The electrical ads are below number 4 when I type “houston electrician” so I know they don’t have a very high bid. I seriously doubt low end bidder on “Houston electricians” beat out high bidder for “houston doctor”

Looks to me like Google is ripping off some people. How would somebody making a ppc campaign for electricians know to put doctor as a negative keyword.

UPDATE: Barry over at Search Engine Roundtable pointed out that this is an old thing that Google is very open about.


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