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Extensions I use in Firefox

I use Firefox 1.5 as my primary browser. Firefox is a great browser one because it is stable and two because of the awesome extensions. The only problem is that often times when they upgrade to a new versions a lot of your extensions stop working. Also since the extensions are not commercial they may just never work again because the original writer decided to not mess with it any more.I have read that there is a mod that lets you use old extensions on newer versions of Firefox but I have not tried it yet.

Extensions I use:

Disable Targets For Downloads – This is a workaround for a bug in firefox that opens blank windows when you try to download something.
WellRounded – This is a look-and-feel kind of thing.; It adds rounded edges to the location bar, search bar, find bar, and all manor of other toolbars on your browser.
BB Code – Adds BBCode/HTML/XHTML formating to the context menu for forums like www.webmasterworld.com.
User Agent Switcher – There are many uses for this: 1) When sites won’t let you do something unless you are using IE 2) Impersonate googlebot to see cloaking and get access to sites that require you to be logged in. Impersonating googlebot does not always work but sometimes it does.
Print Image – Adds “Print Image…” when you right click on one.
Roboform – You can only get this extension if you buy Roboform. I won this on www.webmasterradio.fm show. I love it. It keeps track of all my passwords for me. It can even generate passwords. It also adds a search bar that lets you search all the major search engiens and lots of other places like ebay and amazon.

I used to use several others like proxie switcher but it no longer works with ff 1.5. I did not use it much so I have not spent the time to get it working,

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