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Make Twitter Search Work for You

Twitter offers a real time search of all users. It is a very powerful tool for marketing. It is a way to get information and a way to give information.

Online Reputation – Twitter search allows you to monitor good and bad things said about you. You should have a Twitter search rss feed set up for your company name and products as well as employee names. This gives you extra time to take advantage of that information. If it is bad information you can start tweeting a response. I would use a separate account to communicate with people that said bad things. Don’t point out bad things on your company account. If the information is a link to something bad you can start working on content to make sure the bad information does not show up first page in other search engines. It is important to know what the top ten results for your brands are and make sure it is all positive. Make sure it is hard for some negative blog post to pop out of nowhere and rank number 3 for your brand. If it is good information use your main account to re-tweet this person and follow them. It is always good to encourage your fans.

Promotion – The obvious way to promote your company and products is to make useful tweets to your followers and by sending tweets @ people. The other way is to take advantage of the real time twitter search. Make some tweets that are not toward your followers. Promote your service and use keywords that people might be searching for. If you are doing SEO and/or PPC you should have a wealth of information on what keywords are being searched for and convert. Don’t do this too often since it might alienate your followers. It is important to keep your followers. You can also use your analytics to find out what time of day is best for certain terms. Also you can work in your terms into your tweets to your followers. Twitter search works like Google in that the words do not have to be together. Lets say you want to show up for the search “buy blue widgets” all you have to do is make sure those 3 words are in your tweet anywhere and in any order and you will show up for that search.

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