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Google showing full address on Adwords PPC ads

I was doing a search today on a product name and I noticed that one of the Adwords results had an address right below it. It does not do this every time. Sometimes is just says Houston, TX.

Google Adwords Address

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  • ogletree April 3, 2008, 4:09 pm

    I figured I was not the first to see it. I just thought some people had not noticed yet. I just saw it for the first time today.

  • Jumpions April 16, 2008, 5:35 am

    I haven’t noticed this until now. Any idea why they are showing the full address? Maybe they are just testing new stuff… :)

  • Affordable Search Engine Optimization April 16, 2008, 12:21 pm

    Yeah, they have been showing up a while now. Anyone know why?

  • webbdesign April 23, 2008, 6:40 am

    I figure mighty Google wants to provide local data more exposure. This in turn may aid Google’s efforts to generate more locally targeted advertising from retail and service businesses.