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My Google snippet is being hijacked

I think somebody is 302 hijacking my site or some new way of hijacking.

I was doing a search in Google to check how my site is doing in the supplemental index to day and ran into some strange Google behavior. The first thing that got my attention was that all of a sudden I went from 7 pages in supplemental index to 17. I then noticed that I have several results that have a snippet that is not on any pages of my site.

David Ogletree – Web Site Marketing Blog. How to be successful at search engine optimization. KeywordDiscovery.com Keyword Research Tool …

I then realize this is some text that was on my site back in march. I was very confused. How can Google be putting very old text in my snippet? I thought maybe it was just something weird when you do a site: search. I did a search for “ogletree KeywordDiscovery.com” and got the weird snippet again. I then went to yahoo to do a search. I did a search for “David Ogletree – Web Site Marketing Blog” (with quiotes). This is when it got interesting. The 2nd result from www.fashionoptic.lk has the same title and description my site had back in early march. I click on the link and none of that stuff was on his site. I clicked on the cache and it was very different. It was an exact copy of my site. This does not happen in Google by the way.

My question is how are they doing this? Why can I see it in Yahoo and not Google and how is this site affecting my snippet?

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  • Ravi April 30, 2007, 1:31 am

    To find out how Google is taking the issue, I think this could help

    Copy the content of the old blog posts, deleting the old blog posts and making new blog posts with the old content with the same timestamp as the old blog posts could help in determining how google is handling the whole issue, as these new blog posts will be crawled and indexed as new posts by Google, we can determine on how long before Google delete these old blog entries and the irrelevant sites that have copied the content of your blog posts.

  • fo.unta.in May 18, 2007, 8:33 pm

    This happens when you search for very popular terms. i thought the sites have figured out a way to cheat the googlebot.

    but first time i am hearing with a known domain. interesting.

    pls post on this blog if you find out how they do it.