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Matt Cutts is trying to stop a leaking damn with his finger

The organic team and the Adwords team at Google seem to be going in different directions. The Adwords side of the company seems to understand that the Internet has become a new advertising media like TV or Radio. Providing a service for free so that they can sell ads. Google is becoming the largest ad seller on the Internet. It is so bad MS is claiming Google has a monopoly now because of the purchase of DoubleClick. The organic team on the other side provides the reason Google can sell so many ads. They are trying very hard to make sure they provide the results people are searching for.

Matt Cutts has recently made a big deal about the buying and selling links. Google has designed an algorithm to rank sites for free based on links. What Matt is trying to do is stop a dam from breaking by sticking his finger in it. Compare this to TV. What if I could do something that would get me free ad placement on American Idol or CSI. Don’t you think everybody would be trying to do it? Google keeps saying we should just make good content and everything will just work out. At some point the Google results will match the sponsored results. You can buy your way to the top of organic results.

Google is not only expecting us to just sit back and hope we rank. They have also recently made it more expensive to advertise. How do they expect people to sit by and do nothing to get a free listing when they keep raising the cost to advertise? It seems the goal at Google is to make money on every click on the Internet. Will the organic results disappear one day?

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  • Terry Reeves April 19, 2007, 8:10 am

    Google started out as a better way to search. Then they discovered a better way to get paid for search. Now they are raising the cost to participate in their better way monopoly.

    Greed is a powerful sin. After all, there is ad dollars out there not going into their bank.

    Unfortunately, greed also prevents those who are paying the price to Google from dropping the giant and putting their money elsewhere. As long as Google has the majority share of the market, they can take and take and take.