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Free directory links cannot hurt your site

I have been reading posts in forums where people are scared to death of getting a penalty from submitting to a bunch of free directories. Some even say that it is bad to submit to any free directories other than a few select high PR ones.  This is complete nonsense.

Just because you submit to 1000 directories does not mean that Google has any idea that you have done it. Directories take a long time to get listed in. A lot of them hand approve and that takes a long time. Even if you did get in them as soon as you submitted your links you would be so deep that it would take Google a very long time to find your link. Each directory will be updated at very random times. If Google did not like you to do this the worst they would do is make the links have no value. Absolutely nothing bad can happen from submitting your site to a lot of directories.

Submitting to directories should be part of any link building process. But it should only be a small part. You still need to get other links. If your site does not rank in Google there is a good reason for it. Only legit sites should rank. You are going to have a hard time trying to get a site ranked if it is not very valuable. If you can’t get other people to link to you then you have no business ranking in Google. If your site is just like a zillion others and provides nothing new then nobody is going to link to you.

I have done work on sites where I had them submitted to 500 directories in 5 days and within a few months I was ranking for some really good 2 word local terms.  I have done this to new sites and old sites.  If all you have is free directory links then you will probably never rank for anything.  If submitting to directories could hurt a site everybody would be submitting their competitors.

Now if you submit to a bunch of directories and then link back to them that might hurt your rankings.  This does not mean you don’t link back just be careful who you link to.  You should always keep on top of what your site links to.  You might be linking to a great place now but the site may change.

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