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Track if your competitor is actively doing SEO

I blogged about this a while back but did not have the readership that I do now so I thought I would bring it up again because it bears repeating. eWhisper a friend of mine made a suggestion at webmasterworld 2 years ago.

Sometimes, I buy the ‘seo’ terms (allinurl:example.com, link:example.com, etc) to see how active some of my competitors are in checking their links and SEOing their sites.

Knowing which ones are very active, and which ones don’t fret about these searches can help in determining which competitors to keep an eye on, as well as looking for sudden spikes in these queries.

You can use this for many other things. It is a way to keep track of unique terms that you know only certain people would type in. Nobody has to click on the ad they just have to type it in. You will see an impression in your adwords account. You can even have some fun with somebody by using ad text that says something like “George I’m watching you”. You can also do the same thing with other PPC networks.

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  • Samantha November 14, 2008, 11:04 am

    Pretty tricky~ I would have never thought of that
    That would be something to see my competitors with that kind of title in the Adwords title!