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Wikipedia is droping in most recent update

I wrote a few weeks ago that Google was devaluing Wikipedia in the SERPS. ( “Google and Wikipedia seem to be having a lovers spat”). At the time I could only see the results on some test data center that Google likes to serve me every so often. Well now I am actually seeing it on actual datacenters that I know the IP of. These datacenters seem to have an index update on them.

Some of the searches I see are:

christian missionaries (old) (new)

This could have something to do with Wikipedia putting the nofollow on all their links or could just be that some sites are just ranking better than Wikipedia. There are still a lot of terms that are exactly the same.

I guess I just keep hoping that Google will take away the authority status of such a stupid idea of a website. How can anybody link to Wikipedia when what you linked to could change at any time. Google should treat all links to Wikipedia as nofollow because you can’t trust the site.

As of this writing Wikipedia is down. It is probably wishful thinking to hope that it won’t come back up.

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  • Gerard May 3, 2007, 9:19 am

    *?#@! WIkipedia. Its lame.

  • Linkvana August 31, 2008, 2:36 pm

    Yeah, I’ve had mild success with Wikipedia, but not really enough to warrant additional efforts. I may give it another try.