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Google is getting on the link bait band wagon

Yesterday Google made it to some posts in the SEO world with their Valentines day logo. I did not think much about it. We are always talking about what Google is doing. Today I was on CNN.com and saw a link to a Time Magazine article titled What Was Google Thinking?. This made me wonder if Google did this to get extra attention. Remember link bait is not just for search rank. Link Bait is a way to get links that bring traffic as well. It is also a way to get type in traffic. All somebody has to do is mention your name or company name. People will type it in Google and find you. This is why it is important to rank for you name or company name.

Link Bait is not new by any means. People have been doing things to get attention for years. Like in Hollywood the phrase has always been “any publicity is good publicity”. Actually Guerilla Marketing is the same thing really.

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