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Large Search Engines Have Only 30% Of Search Query Traffic

I was reading over at Silicon Valley Watcher that Friday 2/9/07 a study is going to be released by Susan Feldman, a senior analyst at IDC. She says “that the large search engines had only about 30 per cent of the search query traffic.”

The point is that SEO is not where it is at. When I help companies with their websites I have always talked about non-search engine traffic but I never really new that it was this important.

When you want to increase traffic to a website SEO should only be part of your strategy. Link bait is not just for helping your rank in search engines. It also can bring traffic in its own right. One of the points I tried to make when I wrote Why do top SEO bloggers use rel=”nofollow” was that using nofollow is pointless because the spammers are doing it for traffic not links. They know that most blogs have nofollow. There is not one blogger I know that would say their spam has gone down since the nofollow has been introduced. Graywolf tried to say that it did but right after he made that comment his site went down from a barrage of spam.

Search Engines are a great source of traffic but it is only a small part of an effective website marketing plan. I don’t think of myself as just an SEO. What I do is Website Promotion. SEO is a big part of that but I still help people get visitors from everywhere as well as help them keep those visitors. SEO for a company is useless if people just leave your site without buying something or calling you or whatever your goal is for that site.

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