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Recent Google changes

Over the years I have watched lots of search engine result pages (SERPS). I don’t know if Google thinks it is actually fighting a direct war against the spammers or if they are just trying to be a moving target. Every time they have tried to wage war directly there are tons of innocent bystanders. The pattern they follow is to put up some harsh algorithm then realize that they took out too many legit sites then scale it back. The biggest problem is that it is very easy to get a site to be like a legit site. What is the difference between a directory that lists all the cities and states to list companies and a site that lists all the cities and states to try and rank for some main keyword in each of those places using auto generated pages. You can’t say that auto generated pages are always bad. Google can’t go out and find out if a site actually has humans touching every page. Right now I am seeing sites floating to the tops of searches that have thousands of pages. These sites have heavy internal linking. One page sites seem to be falling in rank.

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