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How to pick good keywords for Adsense – kw

People keep asking over and over again how to pick high paying keywords and what kinds of sites make money on Adsense or how do I get targeted ads on my site. I will attempt to shed some light on this.

The first thing that I did was go to www.wordtracker.com and do keyword research. I first started looking for the most typed in kw’s. I used some common sense and some research to get these. I then opened up a spreadsheet. I tried to organize the words by subject. Then I put them in order of searches. Next I went to overture and typed in each kw and wrote the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th highest bid for each. You can average those numbers to come up with kind of a mean number. You could get an average of all bids but that is a lot of work. This gives you a good idea of how well that area might do. This only works to compare areas with each other and terms with each other. It is not to be used to guess how much you will make. You will only know this when you start making it. This is just to help you make educated guesses. After I did this I started seeing trends. I could tell that subject A would pay higher than subject B and so on. After you pick a subject then do some deep kw research and get as many kw’s as you can that are in this subject and make a page for each. This is where a lot of the heated debate comes in. I am not recommending any of these this is just a list of what people do. There are many ways to create these pages.

– Write real articles about that keyword that help people.
– Write real articles about that keyword that don’t help people
– Generate content about that subject and insert keywords.
– Get random content and insert the keyword randomly.
– Generate pages by scraping on topic search results.

The next step is to design a section of my site about that subject. Try to keep that whole section of your site underneath one subdirectory. This way Google knows that all pages under that directory are about this one subject. I made sure that at the bottom of each page I had links to 10 other pages in that directory. This way each page has 10 incoming on topic links. Also each of those 10 links can share some of the same words or roots of phrases to give you more keyword density and more things for the media bot to hook on to. This is just a footer. I have emails from Adsense approving this. Just don’t put Adsense on sitemap pages.

You can have several section on your site just try to keep them separate by using directories and not interlinking between the directories.

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