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Using Excel to set up MSN Adcenter – dynamic text (words, keyword, url)

I am writing this post for 2 reasons. One is that I wanted to help others who want to try using MSN Adcenter and the second is that if I’m doing something wrong I would like somebody to point it out. When I first started I did not understand how MSN Adcenter worked and had to make some mistakes, so I thought I would try and show what I do now to help others who might try some of the same stuff I did in MSN Adcenter.

The first thing you do in MSN Adcenter is Create a Campaign. This is easy the first page you come to has a big button that says Create Campaign. You create a campaign and then an order underneath that. The order holds a set of keywords that go with your creative. You only need one ad per order. If you want different created for some or all keywords you can do that with your dynamic parameters.

When you create your ad you will see the text “Dynamic text” when you click on that you get a list of ways to put dynamic text in your ad. I put “insert {keyword}” in the TItle. You can also put “insert dynamic text {param2}” or you can use {parm3}. These parameters are in my opinion are what makes the Adcenter UI way better than Overture and Adwords. Each keyword has a place to input 4 parameters. The first is for the keyword destination URL. The next 2 are for whatever you want them for. The 4th just inserts the keyword. This gives you a lot of control of your ads. You can insert these tags anywhere in your ad creative. If you just have a few keywords this may not be that helpful. But if you use a lot of keywords this can be very powerful.

Before you set up your ad you need to plan your strategy. I use excel for this. Here is a blank excel spreadsheet to use. I start off with my list of keywords in the keywords column. Next you need to put in your excluded words. Then you put in your bids for exact, phrase, and broad. If you want to have the same bid on each one just type the bids in the first row. Then select those 3 cells. Now grab the black square on the far right of you selection and drag it down to the last row. There are probably 20 different ways to do this so just use what you are used to.

Next you need to create your dynamic URL’s. I use CJ and the company I promote lets me use their landing pages. There are 2 things I look for in a company at CJ. One is who pays the most and the second thing I look for is the ability to search the site with a URL that includes the actual keyword. So if my keyword is product 123 I can actually have the landing page be a search on their site. Like www.domain.com/?search=product+123. So now I need to build my destination URL. This is a sample URL.


so to create this for all your keywords go to Keyword Destination URL {param1} and put in

="http://longcjurl.com/morecjstuf/?SID=" & SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","-") & "&url=www.domain.com/catalog.php?path=search.results&keywords=" & SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","+")

This will create the desired URL that you want. Now do the same thing you did to copy down the bids so that the formula is on every row. Excel will change the formula so that each row has the right data in it. Like when you go to the next row it will change A2 to A3 and so on. Randomly check some of the URL’s to make sure it works the way you are thinking that it should.

I don’t use parm 2 and 3. But you can use the same techniques to create stuff to put in here or manually go and add specials words or phrases you might want to use in your ads. You could actually have different ad text for each keyword if you wanted to.


Now you just have to import your spreadsheet with key words.

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